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La Kasabah Restaurant

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Ate here twice during a 4-day trip to Fes in February. If you are hanging around out front of Bab Boujloud you will undoubtably be asked to dine at the Kasbah - go for it! Most of the meals on the menu were 40 dirhams. First time I had veggie couscous - very filling. Second time I got the mixed kebab - the meat was so tasty! You get beans & bread when you sit down for an appetizer. I hope you don't mind stray cats because they have a few that manage to get onto the patios. They're not pesty and kinda cute if you ask me, but I'm a cat person... Le Kasbah is not licenced like most restaurants in Fes. I think you can usually only get drinks with your meal at a Dar or Riad. We loved the view of the bustling Bab from the patios and you'll likely meet other travellers that you can share stories with. Overall a very pleasant experience which explains why we ate here twice!

Thank you!

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For reservation call us : +212 535 741 533

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